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Meet Scott Worsfold The Craft Store Presenter

Scott Worsfold The Craft Store Presenter

Making people smile and laugh here on The Craft Store

Scott’s background has always been in theatre or presenting. At an early age he was a member of the Cambridge Youth theatre, before spending a few seasons with the National Youth Theatre. Scott then went on to train at Mountview Theatre School, where he studied the three-year acting and musical theatre, and was awarded the Mountview singing scholarship. Since then, Scott has enjoyed a wide and varied career on the stage playing at Regents park open air theatre, to The lowry in Manchester. Roles have seen him play everything from a punk drummer to Harold in the stage version of “The Full Monty” Scott now also produces his own pantomime production company along with Fiona, and has been appearing in pantomimes for over 25 years, playing the dame for the last eight of them. Scott is also a trained facilitator, and presents training sessions to large companies, and this work has seen him present as far away as Dubai and Abu Dabi. He also managed a multi million-pound project working with schools, on the subject of speaking and listening skills. His screen work has seen him appear in several short films, but has notched up over 15 years of live TV presenting, at first with Gems Tv and now of course HOCHANDA. Scott is also a keen director, and has directed many shows, including the national tour of “Gangsta Granny. Scott lives now in Yorkshire with his partner Fiona and his two children Jed and Shea.



I love Cheese. All cheeses, well, all except stinking Bishop- That is evil and should never be eaten!


I do enjoy a good ale. Love a beer festival, but always stay clear of the cider options. Far too dangerous!


I love JFK. I know, not exactly a Disney but great performances all round and I am fascinated by the whole event.


Well I love comedy and so David Jason and his role in only fools and horses is what I grew up on. Brilliant comedy timing but also great at the sensitive moments also.


I love a good crime thriller, so any Michael Connelly.


I love dogs, but we have a cat! Yes, not sure what happened there!


When did you first discover your love for Arts and Crafts?

To be honest I really only discovered all the different styles of crafting until I joined Hochanda. People know I am a beginner and love learning whenever I am in the studios.

When you’re crafting do you have a favourite snack?

I don’t need to craft to snack! Again I refer you back up to my favourite food!!

What’s your favourite hot beverage (e.g. type coffee, tea, hot chocolate)?

Who doesn’t like a hot chocolate? If made well, they are great. Failing that, a good frothy coffee.

While you’re crafting do you like to have music on, if so what type and do you find it helps your creativity?

I have music on most of the time to be honest. I like all sorts of music, everything from musical theatre shows to starsailor, a bit of swing to ELO.

Do you have favourite place to craft in the home (e.g. a dedicated craft room, in the kitchen, living room etc)?

I enjoy working in the garden when I work on scripts when the weather is good. Does that count?

What’s your top crafting tip?

For me? Get someone else to do it and then tell everyone else I did it. Works everytime!

What is your funniest on-screen moment?

I have a couple to be honest. When I presented on GEMS TV, I had a real howler of a moment when things were said that really just made me laugh out loud….for about 2 minutes. It can be seen on you tube to be honest….the other one that once again was so funny was not me this time saying something wrong, but fellow presenter Paula. This time she described her cat as a rather grumpy old B#*@#*d. Paula was absolutely gutted to have said a naughty word, I on the other hand thought it was hilarious. It is live TV and it can happen to anyone. We are all human after all!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

While I was filming a documentary in Tanzania once, I experienced a real adventure that lead me 800 meters down a Tanzanite mine shaft, up to base camp two of Mount Kilimanjaro, then stopping in a mud hut to drink bamboo wine with a local, before being chased in a car by two men with guns on motorbikes, while leaving from another mine. Not the couple of days I was expecting to be honest, but great story to tell you more details over a G&T sometime.