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Club Update June 2023

Create and Craft Club and Freedom update 20th June 2023

Dear crafters, as you may be aware, we’ve recently undertaken several technical upgrades which have had mixed results. One area we noticed wasn’t performing as expected was the updated auto-renew system for subscriptions such as our Create and Craft and Freedom memberships.

Any customer who was due to renew their Club or Freedom membership between May 1st 2023 and today, June 20th 2023, may have noticed a disruption and as such, not been able to make use of benefits such as free postage or discounts.

We’re happy to announce that this error has been rectified, tested, and the update will begin to roll out over the next few days. For anyone who was affected by this error, we will be reinstating your memberships automatically and extending them until the 31st of July, absolutely free of charge.

If you opted to cancel your membership within the period stated above, you will notice it will reactivate over the course of the dates listed – again, this is completely free of charge and if the cancellation was deliberate, you can still enjoy all the benefits until it falls back into to a suspended state as of the 1st of August, 2023.

We highly recommend that all customers familiarise themselves with their updated settings and subscriptions to ensure everything is as expected. If you’re unsure or have any questions, please email here or call us on 01733 602000 (select option 5).

For those of you who have been shopping in this timeframe and may have had missed their discount or postage deductions, we’re very sorry for the disruption caused and will be refunding these amounts to you. If you believe your orders were affected, please contact [email protected] with the order numbers in question for our team to process as a matter of priority.

If you’ve already been in contact, not to worry – we’re working through them and there’s no need to contact us again at this time.