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Montreux Fabrics

Montreux Fabrics make single and double jersey fabrics. Single jersey is produced by a single row of needles in a circle, and double jersey from two rows of needles set in a circle – simple. When Montreux started, the wonder fabric everyone still wanted was Crimplene, which started life in the 1960’s and was made from polyester. Its non-crease, easy care properties made it a winner with the public, but being man made and virtually indestructible, this popularity has waned over the years, as we all became more aware of the dangers to the environment. Therefore, many years ago we started working with major producers and spinners of fibres/yarns that had been manufactured in an ethical and environmental way. Take, for example our bestselling micro modal fabrics. Our spinner in Austria sources fibre which they spin into yarn we can then knit. The micro modal fibre is made of beechwood, from sustainable forests in northern Europe, and in an environmentally friendly process, is turned into fibre. Micro modal is biodegradable, so when the clothes are no longer of use, they complete the circle. Applying the same ethics, we source sustainable viscose, bamboo and organic cotton, for knitting many of our most popular and fastest selling fabrics. These fabrics take the form of plains, prints, stripes and jacquards all dyed and printed here in Leicestershire. There is a future for UK textiles, if we continue to embrace sustainable, ethically produced raw materials, which is a win win win for our company, our country, our world.

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