Unicorn Spit Gel Stain and Glaze

All Surfaces Could Use a Little Unicorn Spit

Unicorn Spit allows anyone to turn ordinary objects into vibrant and colourful masterpieces! Unicorn spit can be used on almost any surface from wood, glass, metal, canvas, fabric, pottery, wicker, concrete and laminate. It is ideal for crafters, hobbyists, DIYers and pros alike! Unicorn Spit is easy to use, nontoxic water-based concentrate gel stain. It can be diluted up to 70% without diluting the colour so a little goes a long way. Versatile, you can use on multiple surfaces, suits a variety of techniques, you can use your hands, or a brush or sponge or pour. You can Stain press, or string pull, or stencil. Add you own colourful mark to anything!

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