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Hayley West Hochanda Presenter

Hayley West Hochanda Presenter

Crafting and Teaching others at Hochanda

Hello I’m Hayley……

Where shall I start? Well I’ve been crafting since a child, inspired by Blue Peter to make dolls furniture from egg boxes , so a long time!

Over the years there aren’t many crafts I’ve not dabbled in which is how I first found myself demonstrating on Shopping TV, way back in 2006. Back then it was mainly papercraft but then that became more and more softcrafts which love, not just on air but at home too, along with a love of upcycling.

I started the Handmade by Hayley Shows a while back and this gave me an opportunity to share some of my knowledge and skills in my own shows as well as develop a range of products to encourage non-sewers to ‘give it a go’…… more of that later. One of my passions is teaching and sharing any knowledge I can. Which is why I love my job which allows me to demonstrate and present at Hochanda . I have been fortunate to be involved since the beginning and I’m looking forward to working here for many years to come.



Cheese, biscuits, onion marmalade - bliss!


My favourite tipple is gin and tonic


Anything with a feel good factor and DEFINITELY not horror!


Tricky one…. of late Taron Egerton


This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay (hilarious!)




When did you first discover your love for arts and craft?

As a child, always had a creative mind even back then.

Have any of your family and friends been inspired to take up any arts and crafts based on your career?

I don’t know about based on my career but I’ve found quite a few getting into quilting lately, include fellow presenter Paula and my manager too!

When you’re crafting do you have a favourite snack?


What’s your favourite hot beverage (eg type coffee, tea, hot chocolate)?


While you’re crafting do you like to have music on, if so what type and do you find it helps your creativity?

I usually have the radio on in the background or Hochanda

Do you have favourite place to craft in the home (eg, a dedicated craft room, in the kitchen, living room etc)

In my Craft Room or the kitchen when I need a big table

What’s your top crafting tip?

Give it a go or you’ll never know, don’t be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone as you might surprize yourself.

What is your funniest on-screen moment?

When we were selling some mdf shapes and we had a photo of two mdf rabbit shapes and the photograph looked like on was giving the other a piggy back

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I’ve danced with one of the Strictly Come Dancing Professionals

Handmade by hayley

Hayley has been a keen sewer for many years and have been able to bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to Hochanda. Her 'Handmade by Hayley' shows bring you all a wide range of gorgeous patterns, kits, fabrics and tools along with inspirational demonstrations from Hayley herself. We have also been lucky enough to enjoy two amazing Craftalong's with Hayley in which viewers have been able to learn whilst crafting along.

Be inspired!